Discrete, Effective BedBug Services

Hotel/Motel Services

Bed bugs are an unfortunate and inevitable cost of doing business in the hospitality industry. Regrettably, preventative measures are limited due to the “hitchhiker” lifestyles these bugs live. Prompt action to an isolated bed bug problem is key to maintaining the reputation your staff strives to uphold.

Protocol Once Bed Bugs are Discovered 

  • Quarantine the room and contact EcoForce at 480-304-5649 ext. 1
  • Trained technicians will provide discrete bed bug extermination with EcoForce Heat Systems® specifically designed heaters
  • No need shut down multiple rooms. Our process will treat the affected room in 24 hours or less with no chance of spreading
  • Temperatures between 122°-140°F will be monitored and recorded via remote temperature monitors
  • Treatment times will last an average of 8-24 hours depending on structural specifications and volume, once the room is cleared by EcoForce it can be cleaned and returned to service

Call 480-304-5649 Ext. 1

Multi Family Properties

With the rapid rate at which bed bugs reproduce and spread, multi-unit dwellings are at a much greater risk of developing extreme bed bug infestations. EcoForce Bed Bug Heat Services offers professional bed bug extermination services that can have you bed bug free in a single treatment. Our heat treatment services involve raising interior temperatures to 140º-160ºF and maintaining those temperatures for 4-6 hours. This process allows heat to saturate all furnishings, clothing and wall voids to effectively kill all life stages of bed bugs including their eggs.

Do the Job Right the First Time

Improper treatment techniques can be a nightmare for property managers, and if bed bugs are spread to multiple units, an extreme financial burden. The effectiveness of EcoForce Bed Bug Heat Services provides cost effective bed bug remediation you can rely on. 

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Purchase Options

Purchase Options:

EcoForce Heat Systems also offers a full range of affordable, professional heat equipment packages. Heat is the number one treatment option for bed bugs and can also be used to kill other common pests including cockroaches, ants, termites, spiders, scorpions, bacteria, and odors. Check out our heater packages to find out what heat system is right for you.